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Launched this past summer, #FirstAmerican’s #PRISM digital platform is paving new #automated, time-saving paths for industry professionals. First American’s vice president of product and information technology provides insight on the platform’s origins.
Non-bank #HELOC lender #Figure and retail mortgage lender #MovementMortgage announced a partnership that will allow Movement’s borrowers faster access to #homeequity with approval in as few as five minutes and funding in as few as five days.
#Exceleras released an update to its #DispoSolutions software. It aims to increase the ability of users to collaborate and to accelerate the property disposition process. #titletechnology
Ken Trepeta, executive director and president of #RESPRO, and Mayer Brown LLP Partner Holly Spencer Bunting spoke to #RESPA News about how to stay on regulators’ nice list for this holiday season.
The petition argues while the bureau is not subject to review by appropriations committees, it is still accountable to Congressional oversight in other ways. #CFPB #USSC
Nearly three weeks after the midterm elections ended, there is a clear indication as to which party will be in control of each of the chambers of Congress. #election2022 #midtermelection
The agency's 2022 performance and accountability report showed how it fulfilled its statutory responsibilities for the year. #FHFA
After Oakland County, Mich., took title to homes under the Michigan General Property Tax Act, the properties were eventually sold for significantly more than the tax delinquencies without providing the excess funds to the former homeowners. The former homeowners sued, asserting claims under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.
A New Jersey real estate developer and attorney each admitted to conspiring to orchestrate a mortgage fraud scheme that led to over $3.5 million in losses.
The Texas Legislature filed a joint resolution proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for exceptions to the requirement that a home equity loan be closed only at the office of the lender, an attorney at law, or a title company.
As required by Act 273 of the 2022 regular legislative session, the Louisiana Department of Insurance has repealed Rule 9—Prelicensing education.
- kerrys
Loans for single units range from $472,030, the floor, to $1,089,300, the ceiling. For four units, it’s $907,000 to over $2M – and in some non-Fla. areas, over $3M.
- kerrys
The U.S. has 49.5M rental units, and 46% are in buildings with four units or less. Of those, mom-and-pop investors own 70% – 1 out of 3 units nationwide.
- kerrys
One agent’s take: “Some sellers are having a hard time grasping that we’re not in a housing-market frenzy anymore … that they missed the boat on getting a high price.”
- kerrys
Risk insurance that covers construction damages is up 30%, and the rising cost of all types of needed insurance is causing some builders to reconsider new projects.

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