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The #CFPB’s ECOA case against #Townstone Financial was dismissed with prejudice.
#AgentsNationalTitleHoldingCo. and #BostonNationalHoldingsLLC have been sold by #IncenterLLC, a subsidiary of #FinanceofAmericaCompaniesInc. Holding company #EssentGroupLtd. will take ownership of the entities in a $100 million deal.
#NearNorthTitleGroup has #acquired #Chicago-based #O’ConnorTitleGuaranty, according to a recent announcement. O’Connor Title Guaranty is a 20-year-old agency serving Chicagoland and Southern #Illinois.
#RealAdvantageTitleInsuranceCo. #RATIC of Santa Ana, Calif. expanded its offering to most states through a new #agencydivision. RATIC, touting strong capital and surplus, is licensed to issue #policies in 30 states.
The bureau disagreed with #CFSA’s assertion the court is required to avoid the constitutional question, among other arguments. #CFPB #SCOTUS
The bank allegedly used mortgage lead generation arrangements to disguise referral payments in violation of #RESPA.
Starting April 30, mortgage servicers will be required to offer these new options, though the #FHA stated they have the option to begin immediately.
Respondents were found to have discriminated on the basis of familial status. #HUD
A now-insolvent company owned by two sisters purchased property in Pasadena, Calif. After receiving their loan, the seller rescinded the sale. The sisters failed to inform the lender, continuing to pay the required interest-only payments on the loan for six years. The lender began foreclosure proceedings and discovered the sale had been rescinded. After settling with the title insurer, the title insurer sued the sisters for breach of contract and fraud.
The Colorado Division of Insurance provided the state’s General Assembly with its annual report on the title insurance industry. The report contains data on the number of enforcement actions taken, as well as market trends associated with the industry for the year 2022.
The Colorado General Assembly is considering modifications to the closing and settlement process for real estate transactions to ensure that the funds are confirmed to be received and deposited properly.
A Wakefield, Mass., man was sentenced in federal court in Boston for a mortgage fraud scheme involving at least two dozen fraudulent loan transactions and $4.3 million in losses to lenders.
- kerrys
Florida Realtors economist: It will cost buyers more each month to pay a mortgage than rent – but that ignores the advantages and increased savings of ownership.
- kerrys
The Federal Reserve wants to see economic contraction, but Friday’s jobs report was “explosive” – 2.8 times higher (517K jobs) than predicted (185K jobs).
- kerrys
It’s cheaper to build homes in a warehouse and put them together at the job site – and the U.S. needs to improve that process, according to a new HUD report.
- kerrys
The number of international tourists – and by extension potential buyers – rose 73% between 2021 and 2022, but it’s still down 28% when compared to 2019.
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